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Do Clothes affect our Psychology ?

Posted by Utsaha Khare on

We all dress up for an occasion... be it a corporate event or a fancy party. Have you tried to reason with your internal self why do we want it or rather do it? What impact does our dress makes on us? Well most of us would admit that we dress to conform, to be relatable and absorbed socially.... This does shows the impact of our clothes on the surrounding... how the way we dress affects the response of the environment on us and hence affecting our dressing though indirectly...

Scientists have been researching to establish a direct impact of our dress on our cognitive process.  In a recent study scientists have been exploring the question of whether the clothing you wear affects your psychological processes and how you approach and interact with the world. After numerous experiments, scientists are beginning to conclude that clothes invade the body and brain, putting the wearer into a different psychological state.

One of the experiments that was conducted was as follows: 58 undergraduates were randomly assigned to wear a white lab coat or street clothes. Then they were given a test for selective attention based on their ability to notice incongruities, as when the word “red” appears in the color green. Those who wore the white lab coats made about half as many errors on incongruent trials as those who wore regular clothes.

In another experiment, 74 students were randomly assigned to one of three options: wearing a doctor’s coat, wearing a painter’s coat or seeing a doctor’s coat. Then they were given a test for sustained attention. They had to look at two very similar pictures side by side on a screen and spot four minor differences, writing them down as quickly as possible. Those who wore the doctor’s coat, which was identical to the painter’s coat, found more differences. They had acquired heightened attention. Those who wore the painter’s coat or were primed with merely seeing the doctor’s coat found fewer differences between the images

While these experiments may not be conclusive yet, to come up with a theory, but in a world which is getting free’er of inhibitions and social conformity, dressing for oneself isn’t something that needs to be proved. Increasing, people – men, women and children are using clothes as a way to express their own self... a canvas to paint their story.. a vehicle not to exhibit but feel.... a walk to being themselves !

Sitaarey joins them in their pursuit


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