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Fashion: Why Kids get a bigger share of the spend ?

Posted by Utsaha Khare on

Now there is no denying that we all love to spend more for our children than we do it on ourselves... Please note that we are limiting our definition of Spends to only on “Styling & Fashion”.

Is it pure love that makes us put them before us or are there multiple layers hidden behind this seemingly almost natural behaviour?  

A survey of around 400+ mothers reveal some very interesting thoughts – insights which truly go beyond being obvious.

Let us look at some of the top reasons:

  1. Shopping for Kids is Fun: Well, that has to be the first one! No doubt the parents today have lot of choices in front of them and experiencing some true blue innovation in products is definitely more than fun...
  1. Finding dresses for Kids is easier: We are not sure if everyone agrees with that but a lot of parents, mothers in particular mentioned that it’s much easier to find stuff that suits their kids requirements – and they carry off the style with quite an ease... which sometimes they find it difficult for themselves
  1. Kids need a lot of clothes: They grow faster, they use the clothes more and they mishandle the clothes more... and hence they are always in need of something new. Majority of mothers had this to say about their sons, in particular.
  1. They are more Style Savvy: Parents with relatively elders kids echoed this reason.. as their kids have a wider social circle and with pressure to keep up with changing styles runs on their top priority
  1. You put yourself Last: While this point was mentioned last and the least – we still cannot undermine the importance of this factor.


Be it the instinct to “Nurture” or the content in “Providing for” or the sheer joy when your kid’s smile...shopping for your kids still remains less understood and more fun , as always !  


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